November 27, 2019

We all have health challenges from time to time, but how do we track & keep our eyes on the prize of optimal health. Quadscan can give important insights into your body composition & cellular health within minutes. This quick, easy, non-invasive test gives a detailed report with each scan. When we track these measurements over time we can see changes appearing. 

Knowing our body composition can lead to identifying areas of health concerns & looking at cellular health markers are a great way to check how our body is relating to our current diet, lifestyle & environmental factors. 

With specialised training as a  Metascan Practitioner I can interpret these results & along with your health goals in mind design a program speci...

March 5, 2018

We all know the importance of being healthy &vital in pregnancy & making sure we meet the nutritional needs for mum & bub but what does this mean in real terms?? We are inundated with folate needs in pre-conception care and the first trimester of pregnancy, but what about other increased needs? What about dads role? What are his increased needs? Most emphasis is placed on the mumma to be...  diet, wellbeing, making sure all these needs are met. Dad's role is just as important!! 

Mostly we see advertising aimed at the newly pregnant mum and the importance

of getting enough folate. In fact the appropriate time to start taking folate is 1 month

before conception therefore 1 month before you start trying to conceive.  


September 27, 2017

With our modern day fast paced lifestyle, pre-packaged, fast food convenience at our fingertips, its easy to get into the habit of relying on these in our everyday life but what impact is this having on our health? All of these quick & easy solutions can contain many preservatives, additives, sugar, colours & flavours that can be toxic to our bodies. Not to mention the common use of prescription drugs, antibiotics, caffeine and alcohol. Externally we experience toxic fumes from cars, cleaning products, second hand smoke and pollution. This can all have an effect on our body systems leading to poor absorption, poor digestion leading to vitamin & mineral intake unable to be used to its full capacity in our bodies.


August 8, 2017

Feeling Stressed?

Stress is part of everyday life. From our busy lifestyles trying to juggle work, home and family life.  Not to mention kids after school activities and trying to fit in some relaxation and a social life!

What happens when we are stressed?

Our natural responses put us into our primitive ‘flight or fight’ mode. This is a completely normal response and is our body innate reaction to take over, to naturally preserve ourselves. These natural body responses include -

  • Our bodies automatically go into a heightened state with the release of adrenalin

  • Our heartbeat and breathing accelerate

  • Digestion slows as we need to conserve that energy incase we need to run or fight

  • Blood glucose rises.

This a...

May 1, 2017

A change of seasons can always stir up an array of challenges, especially for some families who just seem to get every cold, flu and sniffle that goes around, winter is such a downer!

Allergies and colds and flu being the most common problems. For many families with little ones,  we tend to stay indoors with heating on. This can be problematic because it

  • Decreases vitamin D intake due to be inside

  • Increases 'dampness' and exposure to the indoor allergens due to poor ventilation

  • Decreased exercise and running around for little ones, put the body at a disadvantage for keeping the immune system buzzing along

  • Increased contact to friends and family members due to time indoors with closer proximity

  • Being prepared c...

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