6 Week Cleanse Program

Welcome to our 6 week Cleanse program !! Kick off 2020 getting back to focusing on health & wellness!

Headache...  Fatigue...  Foggy Brain...  Stress... Low Energy... Anxiety...

If you are experiencing any of these then this program is for you! 


Join our 6 week Cleanse program for 2020!

Starting 20th January!   Join us in this 6 weeks to better health. This program is designed to help refocus on better health choices & making new habits & is individualised to suit you.

What does this give you?

  • Full Initial Consultation & Report of Findings & Quadscan test & Report

  • Retesting with Quadscan over the 6 weeks to track progress (total of 4)

  • Food lists & recommendations

  • Recipe book

  • Weekly email support

  • Booklet to keep track of food, mood, sleep & energy levels

This would normally retail for $679 but is available  for you at a price of just $449!

Saving you $230

To register on our email list for further information or to book your spot now call 49474393!


# Price of the program does not include any supplements or herbal remedies if needed.

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Oasis Health Centre
26 John Street
Warners Bay NSW 2282
Ph: 02 49474393

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