Are you dreading Winter?

May 1, 2017

A change of seasons can always stir up an array of challenges, especially for some families who just seem to get every cold, flu and sniffle that goes around, winter is such a downer!


Allergies and colds and flu being the most common problems. For many families with little ones,  we tend to stay indoors with heating on. This can be problematic because it

  • Decreases vitamin D intake due to be inside

  • Increases 'dampness' and exposure to the indoor allergens due to poor ventilation

  • Decreased exercise and running around for little ones, put the body at a disadvantage for keeping the immune system buzzing along

  • Increased contact to friends and family members due to time indoors with closer proximity

Being prepared can greatly reduce the risk, effect and duration of these inconvenient annoyances.

Immune boosting foods

Immune boosting food that are my ‘go to’ list include;

  • lemons

  • oranges,

  • garlic

  • ginger

  • red peppers

  • spinach

  • broccoli

The 'extra boosters!'

I love these 'extra boosters' because they provide vitamins and minerals that give the body and immune system just that extra boost to deal with the winter months

  • green leafy vegetables

  • eggs

  • fish oils

  • asparagus

  • beef

  • avocado

  • salmon

  • mushrooms


For the parent out there! We need to look after you too!


Drink Tea instead of Coffee!

Green tea is not only a powerful antioxidant but also contain germ fighting amino acids whereas coffee stresses the immune system.

When going herbal! think - 'YEP tea'. It is a mix of Yarrow, Elderflower and Peppermint which make up a great combination to fight colds and flu.


Chicken Soup Classic

Who can resist the good old fashioned chicken soup. This awesome comfort food is packed with nutrients and makes you feel better as soon as you are holding the bowl and breathing it in! Not only does it reduce symptoms, it also increases immunity and assists gut health.


Bye Bye Sugar!

Lastly, Ditch the sugar! It may seem daunting, but there are certainly some healthy alternatives! The reason why sugar is a big no, no is that sugar suppresses the immune system by curbing the cells that attack bacteria, exactly what we don’t want!!


So they are my starting tips for helping you and your family move forward this winter with some action plans and ideas in place. To speak to me further about how you can support your family or if you have any particular problems you wish to address when it comes to diet, nutrition and general health, I am available Tuesdays & Thursdays at ACCC. Please call (02) 49156640 to make an appointment for you or your child. 


Have a wonderful day - and enjoy your newly boosted winter wonderful shopping list!

Lisa x

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