Why Detox?

September 27, 2017


 With our modern day fast paced lifestyle, pre-packaged, fast food convenience at our fingertips, its easy to get into the habit of relying on these in our everyday life but what impact is this having on our health? All of these quick & easy solutions can contain many preservatives, additives, sugar, colours & flavours that can be toxic to our bodies. Not to mention the common use of prescription drugs, antibiotics, caffeine and alcohol. Externally we experience toxic fumes from cars, cleaning products, second hand smoke and pollution. This can all have an effect on our body systems leading to poor absorption, poor digestion leading to vitamin & mineral intake unable to be used to its full capacity in our bodies.

Toxic overload can have you experiencing symptoms such as -

  • bloating

  • nausea

  • weight gain

  • poor digestion

  • poor sleep

  • constipation

  • foggy brain

  • mood changes

  • irritable bowel syndrome

  • depression

  • headaches

  • fatigue

These may have been going on so long that they seem to be just part of everyday life! With high stress, busy lifestyle, so many demands on our time, its easy to fall into this feeling of 'normal'.

The purpose of detoxing is to rid the body of toxins & help those pathways to wellness working again. To detox properly is a process and may take several weeks depending on your level of toxicity. In the first few days you may experience fatigue, headaches and nausea while these toxins are being expelled by the body. Believe me the benefits will out way these temporary ailments by a mile!

  • increased energy

  • better sleep

  • better moods

  • reduced abdominal discomfort

  • reduce bloating

  • better digestion

  • better absorption of vitamins & minerals


There are a lot of detox programs out there which can be confusing to choose the right one for you, all with expensive supplements, shakes, strict dietary guidelines. The secret is to find a detox for you that's easy to follow, easy to achieve and get results without too many symptoms and interruption into your current daily life. It may take a few weeks but you will definitely see and feel the benefits to healing your body through this process.


Lisa xx












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