Want more Vitality? How to track your health into wellness!

November 27, 2019

We all have health challenges from time to time, but how do we track & keep our eyes on the prize of optimal health. Quadscan can give important insights into your body composition & cellular health within minutes. This quick, easy, non-invasive test gives a detailed report with each scan. When we track these measurements over time we can see changes appearing. 


Knowing our body composition can lead to identifying areas of health concerns & looking at cellular health markers are a great way to check how our body is relating to our current diet, lifestyle & environmental factors. 


With specialised training as a  Metascan Practitioner I can interpret these results & along with your health goals in mind design a program specifically for your needs.


Whether you are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, inflammation, stress, food intolerances, fluid balance, just to name a few,  or just wanting to track your wellbeing stays optimal, this test is for you.  






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